Meet Liz our Doodlebugs 'Nanny' ! 

As a volunteer at Doodlebugs, I've had the most delightful experience imaginable! From engaging in craft activities to sparking conversations with the children, every moment has been filled with joy and excitement. Having spent nearly my entire career as a primary school teacher, I can confidently say that the atmosphere at Doodlebugs brings back the same joy and fun I experienced in my profession.

With my background in art and design, including a degree in Textiles and Fine Art, I've found immense satisfaction in contributing to the various projects the children undertake. The creativity and enthusiasm they exhibit when presented with new activities are truly inspiring. What's more heartwarming is how they encourage each other to participate, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

I must commend Doodlebugs for running such a fantastic club dedicated to the care and development of children. The atmosphere here is nothing short of amazing – calm, full of joyful chatter, and brimming with creativity. It's truly heartening to witness the children leaving with smiles on their faces, proudly carrying their projects of the day.

In conclusion, my time at Doodlebugs has been nothing short of amazing, and I eagerly look forward to each session.
All praise to Doodle Bugs, they run a fantastic professional club, they are so dedicated to the care of children.