Wednesday 2nd August 2023 

"Thank you so much for such a great day today - my son had the best time, it’s all he’s talked about since I picked him up and he keeps asking when he can come back. He’s currently drawing in his book! ❤️"

Saturday 5th August 2023 

I can't recommend Doodlebugs highly enough. Mandi Webster and Lenya Lambrou provide the calmest of environments for our children to relax and flourish, using arts and crafts. Thank you ladies, you're doing a wonderful job 👏 ❤️🐞


Saturday 5th August 2023 

Sienna loves coming to doodlebugs you 2 ladies are amazing with the kids its a wonderful calm environment for our little ones ❤

Wednesday 23rd August 2023 

Doodlebugs has been simply amazing for my five year old daughter. It’s the best thing that has happened to her 😊 as she loves art and crafts and doodlebugs provide such a wonderful loving supporting environment. She feels absolutely safe and secure and is able to relax and do her arts and crafts with her favourite teachers. She is not one to stay happily for hours at school or any other club but absolutely begs me to send her to doodlebugs full time. Our family has been so impressed by the camp and the wonderful teachers. So so thankful for the love and support for Ahanaa.


Wednesday 23rd August 2023

Very supportive, it’s a lovely calm and creative space for kids to explore, connect, have fun and express themselves positively and genuinely.
My kids have never, ever wanted to go to holiday clubs or after school, and even though they’ve done them (as we’ve had to) they’ve been tolerated at best.
They can’t get enough of Doodlebugs! They are up and ready every time, excited to get there, and can’t wait to start the afterschool club too. They’ve been going since this started and I can honestly recommend it, a genuinely caring, nurturing, calm place.


Thurday 24th August 2023 

A perfect environment for kids without the pressures of technology (which they have too much of these days).
My 10 year old son absolutely loved it, made new friends and Mandi and Lenya are amazing with the kids.

A perfect medium where the kids enjoy themselves and without even realising it, they are improving on their:
- Fine motor skills (using the small muscles in their hands & fingers),
- Ability to be innovative, creative & original (key attributes to individual success)
- Developing a core sense of self-esteem & expression
- Being able to think outside the box and come up with new ways of completing a task
- Most importantly their "mental health", they are in an environment where they are free to express themselves.

Ladies - he is still singing the "Doodlebugs version" of "Don't stop me now".... :-), don't be surprised if the adults are singing your catchy tunes too.

Thank you Doodlebugs and see you very soon.


Friday 22nd December 2023 

My daughter has been to the doodlebugs holiday club a few times now and she absolutely loves it! She can be very shy and it takes a lot for her to actually ask to attend a club for a whole day, but she asks to attend doodlebugs. In fact this is the only club she’s ever asked to attend! It’s such a calm and creative environment as apposed to other clubs I’ve seen that seem very chaotic and noisy. Mandy and Lenya really ensure that the children have time and opportunity to create what they want to create. My daughter is always so proud to show off what she’s made (and rightly so!) 😊